Colliers Auto Centre

Colliers Auto Centre provides a range of car maintenance and mechanical repair services in our fully equipped workshop based a few doors down from our tyre centre. Our team of fully qualified, highly skilled tradesmen are able to effectively diagnose and repair almost any issue you are experiencing with your car. We work with all makes and models and offer our services at a competitive price.

Car Servicing

We provide a full servicing of your car, checking all mechanical components to ensure they are in proper working order. Any issues we come across will be flagged and an appropriate repair or replacement service offered. All work is carried out in our fully equipped garage by members of our skilled team of mechanics.
Services include:

  • Full Health Check

  • Engine Diagnostics

  • 3D Wheel Laser Alignment

  • Airbag Check

  • Headlight Alignment

  • Battery Check/Replace

  • NCT Visual Check


We are able to carry out a full diagnostics service on your vehicle, checking all electrical components to ensure they are in proper working order. If you notice a light on your dashboard it is usually an indication that there is something wrong with your car’s electrical system. In this case, bring your car into our fully equipped garage so we can perform a full diagnostics check.

If you need a diagnostics check for your vehicle, give us a call.

01 257 3965

3D Laser Alignment

Correct wheel alignment ensures your vehicle is handling correctly and driving safely. At Colliers Auto Centre we check wheel alignment using 3D laser equipment for pinpoint accuracy.

If you notice your car is taking longer to respond to your steering motions or the outside of your tyres are wearing more quickly, call us to have your alignment checked and corrected.

01 257 3965