At J. Collier Tyres Ltd. we provide a comprehensive range of tyre services.
We stock a variety of new tyres for cars, vans, trucks, 4X4’s and plant machinery.

  • Spare Tyres
  • Puncture Repair
  • Blow Outs
  • Winter Tyres
  • Balance & Alignment

If your car vibrates or makes unusual noises you should have the balance and wheel alignment of your tyres checked.
Call into our depot for a tyre safety check. Our experienced team will inspect your tyres and look for any defects.
We use top of the range diagnostic equipment to identify any issues such as irregular wear, impact damage, misalignment etc.
We also stock a variety of winter tyres that retain their flexibility in the harsh Irish climate. Winter tyres enable the tyres to operate effectively in all weather conditions. They improve traction, braking and handling performance in icy conditions and wet roads.

Defective Tyres

It is an offensive to drive a vehicle with defective tyres. Worn out or bald tyres can be hazardous on the road.
As of April 2016 any driver caught driving with worn tyres will face a fixed fine of €80 and two penalty points (four penalty points following a court conviction.)
Worn or defective tyres also reduce the performance and fuel efficiency of your car.
It is important to check your tyre pressure regularly.
Underinflated or overinflated tyres can reduce your vehicles grip and control when braking which is extremely dangerous.
At J. Collier Tyres Ltd. we are happy to offer practical advice and tips on how to maintain your tyres for as long as possible.
We stock a large range of tyres for cars, vans, trucks and plant machinery and provide an affordable fitting service. We ensure that all tyres are properly balanced, aligned and functioning correctly.